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Life transitions

I am currently undergoing some life transitions. God has put me in a season of learning, waiting and serving (although that is always the case). 

This week has been such a blessing. I mean, beyond human knowledge, blessing. I have witnessed miracles upon miracles unfold.

1. Send College Church // All I can say is: It is all the work of the Holy Spirit. God has been blowing my mind these past months.. He has lead us in CSUSB and has been showing His favor upon us. He has been providing for us, and showing us His glory in ways we cannot even fathom. I mean, the CSUSB director himself is for what we are doing. God has also has been sending us people that have NEVER heard the Gospel. Not just people but souls. Souls that are lost, that are hungry, that are seeking for REAL LIFE! Overall, I have been extremely blessed to be part of this body. Lord, take glory! Not our will but Yours be done!

2. School //  I often get asked this question: if you were able to choose what age you would freeze time at, what would it be. I always answer: my college years. Yes, I always get excited of the idea “college”. And no, it’s not the partying (because I’m not about that life) and it’s not about the “looking for the one” (because I know God will reveal “the one” to me in His perfect timing). Let me tell you what it’s about.. It’s about growing. When I say growing I don’t exactly mean physically. I mean growing in life. I find this age very beautiful. There are so much sense of wonder. There is so much room for learning and for growth. See, I don’t just mean learning academically (although that’s just a bonus) or growing for my own self gain. What I really mean is growing in every aspects of life especially in my relationship with Jesus. This is such an exciting age for me. I have learned so much not just in my classes but in life in general. I have been learning so much that applies with my walk with Christ. I have fallen.. I stumbled.. I cried.. I laughed.. but overall, I find comfort in the Cross. This is such a beautiful season in my life that I’d like to cherish.. 

// Academic wise, has been quite exciting as well, and also exhausting! I am stoked to be pursuing Psychology and just learning so much! (If you are wondering why I’m taking Psychology, I have a post specifically about this, scroll down if you will.. )

3. Work // More room for learning! And yes, I do mean it! I have met so much people in different walks of life.. and yes, I have learned so much from each of them. (That again, I can apply in my walk with Christ). Next week, I will again be moving departments (this is my 3rd one). I will be in Electronics, which I know nothing about, but will be trained :) Praying that this transition will be smooth and sound. My desire is to build relationship with my co-workers and share the love of Christ and potentially share the Gospel to those who will listen! 

4. Family // God is working, God is moving.. I leave it all to Him and I know His purpose will prevail!

5. Youth Ministry // I totally miss it.. but yet again, God is starting to move me elsewhere (which is to Send College). This is a place where I came to know and surrender to the Lordship of Christ, a place where I have been discipled, a place where I grew, I served, I stumbled, and a place where God has molded me. Praying that God would send laborers, faithful ones. Praying for the youth to have a sold out heart for Christ and His mission. Praying for humility, unity and love within the group. Already praying for Youth Camp 2015 and all the fundraisers. 

6. My relationship with Jesus // Has been a battle, always has been. My desire to live for Jesus, to be sold out for Him, to love Him and to make disciples have resulted to a life, heart and mind that is battling with the enemy. It has never been so real until this year came. As a result, I am blessed because through these times is when I cling in to Jesus all the more. My prayer is that I would desire intimate time with Jesus, like never before. A thirst and hunger for the Word that would result to a life of service, a life of life and a life of making disciples! 

So, that’s what my life has been these past week(s)! It has been a joyous journey.. My prayer is that constantly, I would stop and acknowledge, who I live for.. who I serve, the God that I love. 

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What would you do if you were not afraid?

This morning I was confronted by this question: “What would you do if you were not afraid?”

I answered truthfully & was quickly reminded that: “There is no fear in love; but perfect love casts out fear, because fear involves torment. But he who fears has not been made perfect in love.” // 1 John 4:18 

Lord, help me seek You, love radically, make disciples and live fearlessly!

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Thoughts, thoughts…

There are just so much in my heart and mind right now.. I can’t even start to explain it. My prayer is that God would empty me of myself and that I would let go of these thoughts and turn my thoughts to the Lord instead. Lord Jesus, I need You. 

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One thing that gets me excited

is when I meet coworker, classmate or just a stranger that is a Christian. It’s such a joy seeing other brothers and sisters in Christ in the faith. Tonight, my coworker from Target and I were talking about God during our whole shift (while working, of course!) She said that she is a Youth Leader at her Church, and I told her my ministry in BTM. It’s such a blessing to be able to share things in common with her. 

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I can’t believe I’ve been working at Target for about 3 months now, time really does fly. People always ask me, “how do you like Target?” so let me just share to you my answer EVERY TIME, someone asks.. I absolutely LOVE working at Target :) Yes, I do! I just love that I get to learn so many things in Retail, about people and about things I never knew about. Working here has taught me so much! I also really love my coworkers, they’re all very nice and the admins are very lenient with my always changing schedule because of Ministry, so I’m super glad about that! 

3 weeks ago, they actually moved me departments. Ever since I started I’ve been working as a Cashier. It went very well, except I was sick for about a week and had to call off :( Now, they moved me to Softlines which I absolutely love being on the Sales floor. I love the girls in my department, they’re all so very helpful while they train me. 

About a week ago, my bosses called me up and offered me a position in Electronics. It was such a great privilege to be able to move up but I was honest to them as I told them that I know NOTHING about electronics. However, they said they are willing to teach me everything if I wanted to. This position will also give me more hours because it will demand for me to work more. After praying about it and taking things in consideration, I agreed and accepted this position and will be starting in a couple weeks! 

Things are going really well at Target and I am so blessed that God has given me this opportunity, not only to make money for school but to learn so much through it! Thank you, Jesus! All glory to You!

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Last night as I was waiting to get seated at Boiling Crab, I met a lady named Martha and her baby boy named James. We chatted about life. She told me that she was going through some tough circumstances and as she goes on, tears started to fall from her eyes. After hearing this, my heart broke slowly. Once again, God opened my eyes that this world is in desperate need of a Savior. I told her that I don’t have much to offer but what I have is much greater than silver and gold. I told her about Jesus, being the only way, the truth and the life. I gave her a small meal to share with her kids. She was overjoyed and could not help but thank God.

// please pray for Martha throughout the week.

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Last 5 months

as a teenager! It feels so unreal. It feels like I was just starting high school yesterday, and in a few days I’ll be a Sophomore in College! Is this real life? I really wish time would slow down… If i were to pause life, I would like to pause it during my college years. Yes, it’s tough, it’s challenging with all the transitions that I’ve faced these past years. But there are so much room for growth.. So much to discover, to explore and to learn. Not just in life but in Christ. I’ve honestly been experiencing so much of God’s grace these past year, He’s taught me to so much of His holy nature and my sinful nature. 

Trying to think of ways I can savor my last months as a teenager before I hit my 20’s. Lord, may Your will be done. Show me Your glory. Help me have a bigger picture of You and smaller picture of me. 

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Summer 2014

These past months, (or should I say year), has been a crazy roller coaster for me. And you can imagine this.. I hate roller coasters and I had to use that Analogy. I say crazy because God has let me experience things I would have never thought I would.. 

There’s so much battle in my head and my heart. So much battling for my attention, my affection and my all. I can name it all, but my list would go on. 

There are circumstances that I had to make big crazy decisions that has changed my life forever. Decisions that has changed my relationship with the people I love. Circumstances that was out of my control. 

These things have taught me more than sitting at church, or sitting at a Bible study. God has taught me to cling in to Him because at the end of it all, all i have is Him. God has taughtt me the cost of following Him. It is not easy, but it is worth it. 

On the other hand, God has also provided for me tremendously. God has blessed me with a job I love. God has blessed me with Education. God has blessed me with a family and most importantly, God has blessed me more and more love, more grace, more mercy each and everyday through His Son, Christ. 

It has been such a joyful roller coaster ride, with the best roller coaster buddy, Jesus Christ, Himself. 

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Slow days

I just love days where I don’t have to rush. I mean, I rarely get days like these but I definitely enjoy every minute of my days off work and my break from school. So much freedom to just enjoy the sweetness of Christ. Just appreciate my surroundings and His blessings towards me. So grateful for the greatest blessing of all, which is the Cross. I don’t know where we’d all be without it. The Cross is the reason why we have hope that one day, we will see Him face to face. Until then, we have a mission to go and make disciples!

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Beach Dates

Had the time of my life at the beach yesterday! It was amazing. I wish I could do that every morning but once a month would be fine for now. I love the sound of the waves, the wind brushing through my face, the sand in my toes, the fresh air and just the peace it brings. I love it even more when I talk to my Savior. Such a sweet time pouring out my burdens, my cares, my blessings, my everything at the feet of the Cross. Thankful for such intimate dates like these with the Lord. 

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I want to be unstoppable. Not during when things are going my way. But when things are chaotic. Unstoppable in the midst of persecution, opposition and trials. Help me to never give up Lord. To keep on going and not slow down because I know the enemy wants to use these times to discourage me and slow me down. God, I have a mission and I want to be unstoppable. 

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My Prayer

My prayer is this.. 

That I would genuinely desire and long for Jesus Christ, alone. I would pursue Him and only Him. This world is distracting. This world is so deceitful. My heart is so deceitful. That is why I put my trust in Jesus. 

I want to be completely sold out for Christ. My time, my resources, my talents, my everything for Jesus, alone. He deserves everything anyways! 

God, forgive me for in this life, I have been distracted in many ways. I have been desiring and seeking after other things. God, change my heart. I want You, alone. 

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My desires

Lord, I know that You put desires in my heart according to Your will. But at the same time, my heart is deceitful above all things, who can know it? Praying that my heart and my desires are aligned to Yours Lord. I want to have a pure heart, an undivided heart that seeks after you. My desire is that I would be a woman after Your heart.